People first

Quality and Value

Pride in our work

Who we are

We are consultants focused on life sciences, driven to achieve results. Our innovative people-first approach prioritizes the needs of our customers and colleagues.

What we do

We optimize operations, streamline workflows, and improve product quality, while minimizing costs. Our services go beyond the basics, and we provide guidance and assistance even beyond our scope of work. We emphasize quality through open communication and close collaboration.

How we do it

  • People first. We prioritize the needs of our customers and colleagues.
  • Quality and added value. We go beyond our task to deliver the best services and assistance.

  • Pride in our work. We stay ahead of the curve to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Meet the team

Anmar Shawi

Co-founder & Partner

Josef Torakai

Co-founder & Partner

Jesper Emfeldt

Head of Growth & Expansion

Michaela Holmström

People & Talent Manager

Nina Tasala

Senior Consultant & Account Relationship Manager

Sanna Rhazi

Life Science Consultant

Fausta Petrauskaite

Market Research Analyst

Martin Gumal

Life Science Consultant

Victor Silvestre

Life Science Consultant

Monica Vujicic

Life Science Consultant

Petra Skoglund

Board Member

Elias Hanna

Configuration Specialist

Mika Branestam

Board Member

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